Friday, January 28, 2011

New Boots

Let me start by saying I love the Christmas Tree Shops! I have been wanting a pair of rain boots for a long time. I could never find a pair in a cute print in my size. Finally today I took a ride over to the Chrismtas Tree Shops after perusing their most recent circluar this morning. Guess what was on sale - my rain boots! Not only did they have a cute print BUT they also had them in my size! Yeah!!

Now, I will not go into detail about how I almost passed them up because I really had wanted plaid and there was no plaid print to be found. I will also not go into detail about my slight obsession with plaid - I love it like no other print. It calls to me no matter what the fabric, shoe, houseware or clothing. I more than love it... I LURVE it!! Maybe it stems from the fact that the majority of my peeps (my ancestors, that is) come from The Emerald Isle and the Scottish Coast. Maybe I just love the comfort it evokes, like I could wrap myself all warm and cozy in the lines and colors of the wool. Okay, I may be a tad bit more than obsessed.

Back to the matter at hand, these boots are my new besties. I wore them out to wait for the bus after the 12"+ snow we received over the past two days. It was also flurrying when I was wating out there. I was so enamored that I had to take a picture with my phone. They are actually a nice burgandy color. So here they are; my new boots. The color looks a little weird because of the lighting outside and it was taken with my phone. Oh, and the best part is the price - $14.99!!! Woo hooo!!!

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