Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girl's Tween Room Makeover

So in July, I posted that we were doing a makeover to my 10-year-old daughter's room. It was all she wanted for this birthday. She had outgrown the pale green and pink, princess-like room and wanted something fun and older-looking. So here is a before. I had to search for this since I didn't really take many before photos. Now, we had already purchased the new bedding, pictured below and it all was based on those colors.

So, she decided that the wall color would be lime green and the accent colors are hot pink and turquoise. For weeks, we got paint sample chips from every store we were in that sold paint. After matching colors to her comforter, we finalized the wall color and accent colors. As soon as I started putting that lime green paint on the wall, I thought I had made a terrible mistake by allowing her to choose the exact color. However, once the furniture was in and accessories up, it looked so cool and hip! Most importantly, she LOVED it!! The pictures just don't do it justice. It is really a bright lime green - darker that the pictures, but looks great with everything. We have added some more accessories since these pictures were taken.

The painting of the furniture might be another post. She had light pink furniture that I painted white. I had no idea that it would take 2 coats of primer (which then had to cure for 1 week), 3 coats of white trim paint and 2 coats of polyurethane. It was exhausting and tedious but well worth the end result. So what do you think??

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