Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Today I had to tell my daughter the truth about the Tooth Fairy. While some of you will think it is naive and ridiculous that a 10-year-old girl still believes in the Tooth Fairy, you must know something first. To know Avery is to know that her heart and compassion can fill a room. She has a sweetness and innocence about her that we both hold on to.

Though she knew in the back of her mind that it really was Mommy & Daddy sneaking into her room to leave money in place of a tooth, she didn't want that to be true. Avery wants desperately to believe that in her world, magic does exist. In her world, there is a place for wonder and believing.

She never questioned it like my older, analytical thinker because she didn't want to spell to be broken. And, quite frankly, neither did I. In this world of kids growing up so fast and over-exposure to adult issues, I wanted my little girl to continue to be innocent and naive for just a bit longer.

This is the year (5th grade) when she will watch the puberty film in school. This is the year when I have to have "the talk" with her. So yes, I was holding on to her sweet, pure heart for as long as I could. Because this is the year when some of that will end.

And truthfully, Mommy was tired last night and forgot the $$. So this morning I decided that it wasn't fair for a 10-year-old to not be told the truth, for fear of embarrassment at school.

It is overwhelmingly sad and joyful to watch your children grow into the people they will be as adults. I am trying not to hold on too tight but I still get teary knowing that I only have one left who still "believes".

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